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The Real Alien Invasion Book Cover

On a day as ordinary as any other, Ryleigh sits on the grassy ground at the edge of a Lake. Suddenly, this air of normalcy is broken as bright-blue specks start falling from the sky in a slow but striking motion. What follows next is an event of a lifetime, as aliens make their way to planet Earth. Ryleigh and his friends are now presented with a situation they never thought to be possible; they befriend these creatures from Mars and make lifelong, irreplaceable friendships. But what happens when the authorities step in? Ryleigh and his friends find themselves struggling to keep their new friends safe, to avoid being kidnapped by the cruel StarPoint-X officers who aim to imprison and exploit these harmless creatures. In a funny, sweet, and action-packed story, the children make meaningful connections fighting for their friends, making priceless memories, and learn valuable lessons along the way.

A tale of heroism…
And the strongest of friendships…

Frédéric ZéFrog is a free-spirited little frog from a noble background; he spends most of his time traveling to new and beautiful places, enjoying his lifestyle of constant movement. One day, on a trick of fate, he finds himself traveling to a Lake rumored to be the most beautiful of all lakes. This visit will change his life entirely and open his eyes to a part of his life he did not know he had missed out on- meaningful connections. As he finds himself on an adventure from the top of the rough mountain peaks to the banks of the clearest rivers and the most pristine meadows, Frédéric realizes the importance of friendship and love as he meets valuable people along the way, in an exciting, thrilling and action-packed adventure of a lifetime.