About me

Melissa Rae McGinness has always been a creative person that loves to capture her ideas through different outlets. One of the things Melissa cherishes the most is scrapbooking; if love and creativity are in Melissa’s home and hearth, then her very heartbeat resides in this extraordinarily inspired art. Melissa likes to document her memories, visions, goals, and milestones in this form of expression. Each of these scrapbooks is dedicated to members of her family and the memoirs they have created together. Another creative outlet is the collection of children’s books and fantasy books that she is building from stories that she told her 4 kids as they were younger to keep them entertained.

Melissa takes an extreme amount of pride in her creativity and is very happy to share these books with you all.

When Melissa does not have her creative juices flowing, She is traveling with her family or attending live music concerts all the while documenting those experiences too. She and her family love to play tennis and spend much of their free time indulging in this and other outdoor activities. Melissa lives in Denver, Colorado, with her husband and their four children. Her two dogs and 1 cat, Bentley, Stormie and Lucy, are very much a part of the family as well.

Melissa McGinness


My Biography

As a creative, artistically driven, and empowered individual, I value the concept of visual imagery greatly. As individuals with higher cognitive abilities, I believe that human beings can remain focused and oriented with the use of visual arts. It is partly for this reason that I have incorporated this technique into my life and the life of my family as well; I love creating vision boards and scrapbooks for myself and my family to track, monitor, and document our goals and milestones; it also serves as a beautiful and creative way to memorialize the priceless memories that we make along the way with the people we love most. I believe every individual has a unique way of expressing love, gratitude, and emotion; my technique is scrapbooking and writing books commemorating my family, where I add essences of my family life and the extraordinary times I have spent with the people that I love, to not only show my love and respect to them but also to add a personalized touch to my books. I also pride myself on identifying the potential in others and building them up to utilize this potential to the fullest.